7 Cool Chicken Coops to Inspire Your Own Custom Design

Do you need a little inspiration to build your own custom chicken coop?

cool chicken coop collage

Check out seven of the coolest custom chicken coops! Who wouldn’t want to house their backyard chickens in one of these amazing creations? Take a look at these super cool chicken coops and get inspired!

You can throw a basic chicken coop together for around $200—or even less if you are using cheap or recycled supplies and you are willing to do all the hard work yourself. But why settle for something standard when you can build something amazing?

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Check Out These Cool Chicken Coop Ideas

Here are 7 of the most incredible chicken coops you will ever see!

1. The Clucking Hen Palace

This chicken coop is so fancy it even has a fancy name, “The Palais de Poulets,” which translates to “The Clucking Hen Palace.” It certainly does look like a palace—just check out that gorgeous turret!

Believe it or not, this amazing coop started life as an old shed, which just goes to show—you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to create an amazing chicken coop. Just upcycle something old and rundown into something new and beautiful!

The Clucking Hen Place - a very posh design with interior lights and a turret

2. Hobbit Hole Coops

If you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s franchise The Lord of the Rings, you will just adore these amazing chicken coops patterned after hobbit holes!

Put several of them in your yard and you have your own miniature Hobbiton. You can actually purchase these if you visit the source link; they only cost a couple of thousand dollars!

Hobbit Hole Coop set in a wooded background

Source: Hobbit Hole Store

3. Raised Hut

Here is a striking chicken coop design; this coop is raised off the ground and built to resemble an artistic “hut.” There is a ladder leading up from the ground to the coop. It’s pretty awesome looking!


Source: David Quick on Flickr

4. Coop with Raised Planter

This cedar chicken coop design is not only gorgeous to look at, but it performs double duty as both a chicken coop and a raised planter! This is the ideal choice if you are looking for a way to conserve space in a small yard. These are also available to purchase and cost less than $2,000.

Imagine a small herb bed and salad green garden for an easy-to-reach treat perfect for your chickens. Available for purchase at Williams-Sonoma.com.

Chicken Coop with Garden on top
Photo courtesy of Williams Sonoma: Cedar Chicken Coup

5. The Eggcelsior

The “Hotel Eggcelsior” is a really cool-looking chicken coop designed to look like a miniature Old West building. It looks pretty amazing inside and out, as you can see.

Be sure to check out the source link to see photos of the construction process and his latest updates. It is amazing watching it take shape!

This fun design boasts the following features:

  • An interior space of 6 x 8 feet
  • 6-foot tall ceilings
  • A skylight and tin roof
  • A door in the back for cleanup crew access
  • Vents, windows, nesting boxes and more!

6. Gypsy Daydream Chicken House

This has to be one of the most beautiful chicken coops ever built! It is another coop you can purchase, and you can even order a fully customized design. Up to fifteen hens can live comfortably in this little wagon.

cool chicken coop on wheels
Source: Flytes of Fancy

You can purchase these amazing coops at Flytes of Fancy which is located in the UK.

7. Rocket Coop

Who says that chicken coops need to be old-fashioned? This one is built to resemble a retro-futurist rocket. It looks awesome just as it is, but I imagine with the right finish or paint job it could look even more phenomenal.

rocket ship chicken coop design
Source: Mr. Harris Tweed @ Tumblr

Which is Your Favorite Custom Chicken Coop?

While all of the above are pretty amazing, our personal favorite is the Gypsy Daydream Chicken House.

We may have been somewhat influenced by the idyllic setting as the pretty hen house sits in a field of daisies and daffodils, but there are also some great design features worth noting.

We love the fact that it is a mobile hen house – this provides flexibility for both the chickens and any landscaping or gardening you may want to do. It also has steerable wheels, detachable nest-boxes and can be custom painted by their in-house artist!

We hope you enjoyed these super cool coops. And remember, building or buying an amazing chicken coop doesn’t have to be expensive.

You can take elements from any individual design and still stay within your own budget depending on the materials & labor used. And now you have plenty of inspiration for your own!

Check out this video as the chickens enjoy their custom chicken house from the folks at Flyte So Fancy!


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