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Here come the Chickens! – Funny Videos

April 19, 2015

Nothing makes me smile faster than seeing chickens run. Here’s a great video set to music the as the chickens are let out first thing in the morning. The music is the theme song from Benny Hill, which makes it even funnier. Need a new chicken coop? Don’t miss our comparison of the most popular chicken […]

Chickens in Charge – Funny Chicken Videos

April 16, 2015

If you’ve ever raised chickens, you know they have a mind of their own. Watch as these two chickens take control of the situation to stop a rabbit fight. What’s even funnier is when one starts thinking about causing trouble again, the chicken checks him. Who knew you could train your chickens to keep the peace […]

Cabbage on a String – Fun Chicken Videos

April 15, 2015

Are your chickens tired of the same old mash? Getting a little getting bored with their routine? Try this trick with a hanging cabbage to keep them entertained. After all, even chickens should have to work for their food a little bit. Just steer clear once they get to pecking! Another great way to keep […]