The Best Chicken Coop Plans: Our Favorite Designs For Any Size Flock

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So you want to build your own chicken coop & are looking for some easy chicken coop plans and instructions? There are so many plans available on the internet, it’s hard to know where to start.

Find the best chicken coop plans to build a new chicken coop. We compare the most popular coop building plans

We’ve selected a few of the best chicken coop plans in each category. Then summarized it by major design element, so you can easily see the difference between the dimensions, square feet, ventilation, nesting boxes, etc.

Most of the plans in our list cost just $10 or $20 and are available on popular shopping marketplaces like Etsy and eBay. We even have a few great free chicken coop plans for you!

And all of them come with a materials list, step-by-step instructions, and detailed diagrams to make the building process easier.

Disclosure: We research and recommend the best products for your chicken-keeping activities. We may earn commissions on purchases made through our links which help us to support our website and continue to provide this free resource to our readers.

What Size Chicken Coop Do I Need? 

Before we hit the list, you’ll want to make sure to get a chicken coop that is the right size for your chickens. Here are the recommendations from experienced chicken farmers when sizing a chicken coop. 

  • Floor Space: 4 square feet per chicken
  • Roost Space: 12 inches per chicken
  • Nesting Boxes: 1 box per 3-4 chickens
  • Ventilation: 1 square foot per chicken
  • Chicken Run: Allow ten square feet per chicken. 

When recommending chicken coops below we’ve placed them in the category that best fits the above rules. The plan may be advertised to fit more chickens than our recommendation, so use your best judgment.

In our humble opinion, it’s always better to get a bigger coop than you think you will need instead of one that’s too small. If your chickens are crowded it can lead to all sorts of problems. So, when in doubt…size up!

Small Chicken Coop Plans (4 to 6 chickens)

If you live in an urban area or have a smaller flock, the following chicken coops will fit half a dozen or fewer chickens. They have a smaller footprint but still allow enough room for your chickens to have the space they need.

The Small Barn Coop – So Cute & Functional!

The Dimensions

  • 5 feet wide x 4 feet deep (16 sqft floor space)
  • 6 feet 11 inches tall (including the legs)
  • Interior height is 5 foot at the peak of the roof

The Interior

  • 3 nesting boxes
  • 2 roosting bars
  • 1 window

This adorable barn-style coop is a customer favorite on Etsy. It gets high marks from both beginners and experienced builders.

The design features a raised floor to keep your chickens safe and a fully functioning window that lets in air and sunlight. Plus there is an optional chicken run that attaches to the coop to give your chickens a safe place to graze.

Small Flock Chicken Coop Plans – Very Easy to Build

Small Wooden Hutch Style chicken coop sized for 4 chickens
Available on Etsy from OW Garden Vintage

The Dimensions:

  • 5 feet long x 3 feet deep (15 sqft)
  • 36 inches high in front; 50 inches in the rear

The Interior:

  • 2 Nesting Boxes
  • 48 Inch Roost
  • Full Size Screened Window
  • Large Door

Another good choice is this hutch-style coop. Since it is constructed with a 2 x 4 frame, it makes an easy DIY project. The full-height screened window allows for good ventilation and a large door that provides easy access to the inside of the coop. Plus the roosting boxes have outside access which makes it easy to collect eggs.  

Need more options? Check out our article on small chicken coop plans for 6 to 8 chickens.

Small Chicken Tractor Plans

Mobile chicken coops are a great way to keep your chickens secure while also giving them a chance to graze in different areas of your yard.

Backyard Movable Chicken Hutch Plan

Small red chicken tractor
Available from Etsy by HappyLittleBear

The Dimensions

  • 3.4 Feet Wide X 7.8 Feet Long (27 sqft)
  • 5 Feet High

The Interior

  • 3 Nesting Boxes
  • Vented at top
  • Enclosed Run

Being able to move your chicken coop is a huge plus for many urban or residential areas. The chickens will enjoy the change of scenery and the availability of new insects to eat. Plus, you can fertilize the lawn at the same time.

This little mobile chicken coop is sized for just a few chickens but is an attractive way to keep your hens active without the need for a large tractor.

A-Frame Style Chicken Coop Plan

Portable A Frame by Anna White
Available on

The Dimensions

  • 6.4 Feet Wide and 8 Feet Deep
  • 5 Feet High
  • 10 sqft upstairs and 40 sqft in the run.

The Interior

  • 1 Nesting Box
  • Doors on Both Sides

This is the new and improved portable A-Frame chicken coop by Ana White. Designed to house three to five chickens, the build is fairly straightforward.

The loft area has a nesting box on one end and is open on the opposite side. The wheels are optional but make it easier to move when needed.

Check out this post to see nine more A-Frame Style Chicken Coop Plans.

Medium Sized Chicken Coop Plans (8 to 12 Hens)

The next group of chicken coop plans are for medium-sized flocks. A few come with enclosed runs, so when evaluating the space you need, be sure to factor in the recommended run size per chicken of ten square feet.

You can easily add a connected run to most of these designs or expand the footprint of the enclosure to accommodate more birds

Modern Hen House With Run – Sleek Style 4 x 8 Foot

4 x 8 Shed style Hen house with enclosed run
Available on eBay from Shed1o1

The Dimensions

  • 4 feet wide by 8 feet long (32 sqft)
  • 8 feet, 2 inches tall

The Interior

  • 4 nesting boxes
  • 3 roost bars
  • 2 access doors

The enclosed chicken coop and run is a popular choice for medium size flocks. The open-air design gives your chickens plenty of fresh air and sunshine, while still offering protection from airborne predators.

The size is appropriate for up to 8 hens if you give them additional run space or free-range them during the day.

There are two doors. One that provides access to the inside of the coop for cleaning. A second full-sized door is attached to the run, so you can let the chickens outside to free-range during the day.

The plan comes with a material and tools list, CAD drawings, and detailed instructions and arrives by US mail.

Chicken Coop with Gable Roof – Great For Colder Climates

Gable Style Raised Hen House - 5x6 foot
Available on eBay from PD Plans Design

The Dimensions

  • 5 feet wide by 6 feet deep (30 sqft)
  • Height 69 inches

The Interior

  • 3 Nesting Boxes
  • 3 Roosting Bars
  • Double Doors

The above chicken coop is perfectly sized for eight to ten chickens with a walkup ramp and gable-style roof. It is fully enclosed which can be a better design for colder climates.

The exterior blends in seamlessly with almost any style of house with clean lines and sturdy construction. The plans include detailed drawings with step-by-step instructions, a material and tools list, plus safety tips.

Large Sized Chicken Coop Plans (16 + Chickens)

The Really Big Kennel Coop – 6 x 14 feet

Large wooden enclosed chicken coop with run
Available on eBay from poorfish1

The Dimensions

  • 14 feet long by 6 feet deep (84 sqft)
  • 6 x 6 foot enclosed coop (36 sq ft)
  • 6 feet tall

The Interior

  • 6 Nest Boxes
  • Interior Windows and Door
  • Full-Size Access Door to the Run

A nice roomy chicken coop with attached run. This plan is suitable for 9 to 16 hens, depending on free-range access.

What makes this design unique is the plans were written with modular construction in mind. This is helpful, so you can tackle one piece at a time or build it in your workshop, then transport the pieces to the final location for assembly.

The hand-drawn plans come with color photos, a material list, instructions, detailed diagrams of the walls and important sections, plus helpful hints to make the build go smoothly. The average material cost for this design is quite affordable too at $450 to $500.

The Coop Plex – A Double Chicken Coop With Sliding Door

Large Wooden Chicken Coop with runs on either side
Available on eBay by poorfish1

The Dimensions

  • 16 Feet Wide by 6 Feet Deep (96 sqft)
  • 8 Feet Tall

The Interior

  • 6 Nest Boxes
  • Sliding Interior Door

The double chicken coop plan is a nice, versatile design if you need to keep your birds separated on occasion. Sized to hold 24 to 30 hens, the coop plex makes it easy to extend or reduce the size of your flock.

The best part about the design is the interior sliding door. You can convert the design to a single house or keep them separated quickly and conveniently.

This design works well for many practical applications whether you are raising baby chicks, housing both ducks and hens, or separating a few chickens that have special needs.

Multi-Purpose Chicken Coop Plans and eBooks

If you want a range of sizes to choose from, one of the eBook style plans may be a better choice. These plans include multiple plans of varying shapes and sizes all within a single download.

And what’s cool about this option is you can build more than one plan as your needs grow. Many chicken owners keep a second coop for new hens before introducing them to the flock or to isolate sick or injured birds.

You also get a chance to go through all the plans in detail. Then choose the best one suited to your skill level and flock size. You can mix and match styles, taking the best of two or more plans to build your own custom design.

Or you can build a small coop to start, then and add a larger one as your skills or your flock grows. So many options! Here are a few of our favorites.

Building a Chicken Coop by Bill Keene – An eBook With 7 Plans

The Building a Chicken Coop program is a collection of 7 chicken house designs and several guides that help you in the design, material selection, build, and maintenance of your coop.  

The Building a Chicken Coop eBook

The Plans

  1. Bill’s Coop – a 2 story enclosed coop
  2. Double Story Chicken Ark
  3. Chicken Barn in 2 sizes medium & large
  4. Large House Style Chicken Coop
  5. Mid Size with Enclosed Run
  6. Portable Small Ark
  7. Premium Large House Style Coop

This ebook download includes material lists, detailed drawings, and step-by-step instructions for each of the 7 chicken coop plans. Plus there are additional guides with advice for taking care of your flock.

5 of the top designs for Bill's Coops
Above are a few examples of the designs included in the Building a Chicken Coop Plans. See the full program for additional designs.

On Sale Now for $29.95 (Retail Price $97)

Building a Chicken Coop For Dummies

Building a Chicken Coop for Dummies Book

What’s in the Book

  • 5 Detailed Plans from a super simple 4×4 chicken coop to an extra-large design for 30 birds.
  • Available in multiple Formats
  • Includes basic construction how-tos & practical tips
  • Good for entry-level carpenters & new chicken owners

The how-to books for dummies are well known in the DIY space. Written in easy to read style, these books have a great way of condensing a wealth of knowledge down for the everyday homeowner.

Are There Any Free Chicken Coop Blueprints Available?

Yes, there are plenty of free chicken coop plans on various websites you can view, print or download. Many chicken enthusiasts and blog owners will post their own designs with completed photos. This is another excellent resource to find some DIY chicken coop ideas.

Here are just a few of the free plans available.

A-frame Coop: A quick and easy A-Frame Coop by Ana White.
This coop cost under $100 to build and was set up in the space of a weekend.

Chicken Tractor: The Chicken Coop Tractor Plans by Home Garden Design Plan. This site has several which are free – actually, all of the design concepts are free, which includes multiple pictures.

Or you can buy a full set of plans from the same site. These plans do seem a little hard to follow, so best if you have a bit of experience before attempting to build one of these coops.

One thing to be cautious of is that most chicken owners are not also builders. And they are under no obligation to test out their printed instructions. So you can’t know 100% if the plans are accurate or if the person publishing the plans made any changes that aren’t included in their instructions.

The instructions may also be a bit vague, so you might need a little more experience when using a free chicken coop plan instead of the one you purchase.

But long as you are creative and can figure out how to fix any omissions you should be fine. And hey – they are free after all, so at least deserve a look-see for inspiration if nothing else. 

For even more inspiration, be sure to check out our latest post on the coolest chicken coops we found on some of these blogs.

rooster and 3 hens
Hey there !!! The ladies & I need a new home! Be sure to pick us out a great design, OK??

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